to do list

fly a plane
dance in the rain
go on a date
ride a hot air balloon
fall in love
get straight A's
get my nose pierced
be captain of a sports team
run for president
minimise my posessions
be a teacher
go to college & graduate
read the whole Bible
live near a beach
drive route 66
live downtown
first kiss
buy a homeless person a meal
graduate highschool
write a book
adopt a child
publish a memoir
get published
study abroad
take a trip overseas
visit greece, ireland, england, italy, and the middle east
break a bone
talk on the phone all night
visit all 50 states
take one photo everyday for a year
kiss in the rain
watch Sarah marry Maurice
harry potter marathon
go one day without complaining
cross country road trip
paint my room
go on a backpacking trip alone
be a maid of honor
dye my hair
talk in a british accent for a day
be in a play
perform a monologue
win a game of minigolf
wish on a shooting star
sleep under the stars
go to a concert
go to a rave
ride a train
get a tattoo
go to prom
be in 2 places at once
play college soccer
run a half marathon
run a full marathon
run broad street
hike the Applician train, Georgia to Maine
hike the Pacific Crest Trail (or at least part of it)
hike the Adirondacks
ski in Colorado
read Anna Karenina
read 10 classics