Thursday, May 19, 2016

summer sixteen leap list

  • go to a country concert
  • watch the sunrise
  • tie dye
  • go to peace valley park
  • go fishing
  • get another tattoo
  • roadtrip
  • go camping
  • meet my niece
  • jump off a bridge into water
  • dye my hair a fun color
  • get a chacos tan
  • make a new friend
  • cliff jump
  • float in a boat
  • go to the beach
  • have a paint fight
  • stargaze in an open field
  • go to D.C. and visit the holocaust museum
  • adventure in NYC
  • go to the art museum

dare to love

the more we are forgiven, the more we should love.
we don't need to sin more in order to be forgiven more, thus loving God more. we just need to increase our awareness of our current state of sinfulness.
the increasing amount of love should be toward our ever loving father
and toward those around us.
he forgave the most notorious of sinners and walked alongside of tax collectors and sat with prostitutes.
our model of love should be jesus christ.
"and he said to the woman, 'your faith has saved you; go in peace.'" luke 7:50

The wasted years, by a miracle of love, can be restored.
- chs

Friday, May 13, 2016

18 things i learned at 18

1. the Lord forgets our sins, and treats us like we never erred. - chs

2. people will let you down. and you, no doubt, will let people down. be quick to forgive and truly mean it. being upset over an unanswered text or call isn't worth losing a friendship over.

3. sometimes, it's okay to play it safe. don't have that drink everyone else is having. stay in and read that book you want to. finish the last season of the show you've been watching. going out is fun, but not at the expense of any bad decisions that you'll regret.

4. know your limits. if you can't take 18 credits, don't. mental health always needs to come before school.

5. build relationships, and more importantly, make them count. don't spend all your time trying to get everyone to like you, because chances are, they won't. instead, focus more on relationships that will last a lifetime, not just a few nights out.

6. your mom and dad know a lot more than you give them credit for. recently, i have become closer with my parents than ever before and it's because i finally stopped acting like a bratty teenager and chose to trust them with information about myself and my life. they have become some of my best and funniest friends who would 100% do anything for me. i know that they only want the best for me.

7. be a saver, not a spender.

8. be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.

9. read more books. chances are you'll relate more to them than to those tv shows you love so much.

10. spend more time with your family, and cherish it. because some day, probably some day soon, everyone will be grown up. your siblings and cousins will be married and have kids and then you'll get married and have kids. everything will be different. so make as many memories with them now as you can, so that when everything is different, you can enjoy the difference rather than wish everything was like it was before.

11. don't be afraid to ask for help. sometimes we can let pride get in the way of actually fixing a problem we have.

12. it is 100% ok to cry.

13. if you eat your feelings, that's ok, just hit the gym after. you don't want to come out of a hard season 10lbs heavier and have to deal with that too.

14. there is never any reason to act like someone you are not. if you don't like something, don't pretend that you do to please someone else. stop dressing to impress the guy you think will notice - dress to impress yourself. you have to come first.

15. learn how to manage your time. coming out of high school and into college is a huge transition and knowing how to effectively manage your time is a skill that you'll definitely need and utilize all the time. it is also a skill that you'll need for the rest of your life. (jobs, family, etc.)

16. BOYS ARE DUMB AND GIRLS ARE DUMBER. stay out of drama. #notworthit

17. keep a clean room & clean your sheets at least twice a month.

18. find someone older, that you know you can trust, to mentor you. their wisdom and knowledge about life will probably astound you. if you ask someone for advice, listen to it. and if you don't listen, don't expect them to keep giving you advice. there are good, Godly, people who truly have your best interest in mind and genuinely want to help you with your life. seek these people out. ask for prayer. admit your weaknesses. and then strive to make them your strengths.