Saturday, September 6, 2014

the start.

well, this week has been nothing less than the longest first week of school. ever.
between soccer, school, classes at bucks, and work i am literally exhausted.
but last night i went to a football game at C.B. South because they were playing Coatesville and some of my friends play for Cville.
i sat in the stands and watched all the kids from South sing the fight song, participate in the 'black out' and watched as little siblings walked by and chanted for the titans.
i wondered what it would have been like if i actually transferred to South. i would have been singing the fight song and wearing all black.
i think its important to note that after soccer yesterday, i drove by the Calvary
football game on my way home and i wanted to stop
and i wanted to go to school tomorrow
and i wanted to participate (and i would have, if i didn't have plans)
and so, as it turns out, i am so glad that i get to spend
my senior year at Calvary and i
wouldn't want to spend it anywhere else, no matter
how crazy things get.
in all my years there,
i've learned that God always has a plan and 
that there's a reason for everything.
i don't think i would have made it in public school.
honestly, at the time i was planning on leaving my relationship with 
the Lord was almost nonexistent. i wouldn't have
been able to stand firm in my beliefs and in my faith for him.
so he prompted me to stay at calvary.
i was challenged to 
"remain in me and i will remain in you.
for a branch cannot bear fruit if it has been severed
from the vine."
Calvary was the vine i had to remain in
in order to grow.
this week in polysci, mr roche told us that we are becoming 
adults and because of that we have to think that
"when i was a child i thought as a child and acted
as a child. but now i'm an adult so i must put off
childish things and think/act as an adult."