Tuesday, June 14, 2016

summer summer summer

going going going....
and we're off, full speed ahead, no looking back.
2 classes, transitioning from 2 jobs into 1 full time job
new things happening with friends
family growing
& just general life happening

slowly but surely, i've been crossing things off of my summer leap list which has been fun.
i'm trying to be really intentional about finishing the whole list.

along with that, i've been learning a lot about myself recently.
things i've discovered:
1. it's important to make decisions with your head, not your heart.
yes, we have feelings and emotions. yes, they are both important. but, there comes a time when you have to set how you feel aside to make a rational decision. it's never a good idea to make a decision purely based on emotion. it's also never a good idea to make an important decision while you're on your period. the end.
2. it's also important to take inventory of your heart, and find out what matters most to you.
over the weekend i had training for my new job as a camp counselor at CSF. saturday morning, devos were about loving christ and loving as christ loves. i was really challenged to examine my heart and the things that i hold closest to me. i realized that recently i have been putting other things and people before christ and that is 100% not okay. in order to keep christ first, i need to intentionally be seeking him DAILY.
walking with christ is a choice i have to make
every day.