Tuesday, April 29, 2014

.daily reminder.

"I am determined to be cheerful and be happy in whatever situation I may be, for I have also learnt from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our situation and not upon our circumstances." - Martha Washington

Sunday, April 27, 2014

/// what i'm lovin ///

[outfit of the day]

things i'm lovin:
1. messy buns. i've probably worn a messy bun everyday for the past 3 weeks because they're easy, you can dress them up or down, and you can wear them wet or dry. plus they're low maintnence.
2. skinny sweats. i got mine at target (not h&m, shocker, i know). they're so comfortable and ugh yes.
3. jean jacket. timeless and classy, yet understated. the jean jacket has it all.
4. as always, the color grey. grey is my favorite color to wear. i'm not sure why but it always has been and probably always will be. 

.daily reminder.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

// time flies //

"busy busy busy, like a really tall bee..."
- lorelai gilmore

so much has been going on lately, i can't wait to tell you all about it.

as you all should know, i have been blessed with the opportunity to go on a missions trip this summer to Cuba with my dad and Bill Devlin. (holllaaaa) 
you can read about that trip here

well the big thing (which I should have posted about last week) is that my half marathon FINALLY came. and i ran it. with Sara and Schylo. and it was hard. really hard. but sooo worth it. 
honestly, it was probably  the hardest thing i've ever done, but i am so glad that i did it. i would actually do it again in a heartbeat. well, maybe 2 heartbeats.

{i got to see the sunrise on the way to tyler, so i stopped and snapped this pic}

{medals are for winners}

{the A team}

next came spring break, and the first couple of days i did a lot of yard work. like, a lot. but then on thursday i went to visit my good friend Heather Bech. she loves it when i call her Heather. 

{and coincidentally she was doing yard work, too}

but we went to church for the Maundy Thursday service. and i liked it a lot. i learned a lot. 
// the Light (Jesus) has come into the darkness (Judas), but the darkness has not understood it. // We will fail, but his grace will restore us. // Without Christ we can't really know love because God is love. //

on Friday, i watched a lot of Friday Night Lights ( ha ha ha ).

Saturday brought more fun. I went to run or dye with my sister, Sarah, and my cousin, Jeannette. 

team name: these colors don't run. 
because we walked.



and then i went to visit my grandfather. 
my grandfather is 89 years old. that's old. recently, he hasn't been doing well and he has been in and out of the hospital for various reasons. but mostly because he's old. anyway, when we went to see him on Saturday, he was doing really well. and it was bingo day so that made things even better.

{it gets very intense}

{i tried to get him to hold up his dollar that he won but it wasn't really working}

FINALLY came Easter. (today)
we went to church this morning after having breakfast together. 
after church i got a picture with my mom

and we decided that we should get a family photo

{pastor mark decided that he was part of our family so}

and lastly, we had dinner at my aunt's house, which is always a blast.
and my little cousin, Billy, sang us a song.
which, if you feel so inclined, you can watch here

"It is finished." John 19:30